First Step to Getting Your Online Business Started…

People really tend to over complicate the whole “getting started” part of building and online business.

I’m gonna lay down THE process to getting your online business started right away, but for DIRT CHEAP. Like as little as humanly possible. You could probably find enough change in your couch to cover the “costs” of getting your online business started.

Buying Domain Names

Step 1. Register a domain. (ANY Domain really!) because here’s why… you can’t really get web hosting until you have a domain name to host…so what i see happen is people don’t know exactly what they want to market and they think that their first domain has to be the end all be all domain that they use for life.

It doesn’t have to be!  You really just need SOMETHING so you can get going.

Get your first domain name from here’s a quick video on why I recommend namecheap

Some of the best web hosting companies like Hostgator allow you to add UNLIMITED “add on domains”  what that means is you can host as many different domains as you want under your ONE hosting account. this is great because if you are on a really tight budget you can go get one of those super cheap .info domains JUST FOR NOW…just to get started.

Then later on down the road lets say you have an idea for another product you can go buy a custom domain just for that.

So how do you come up with a good domain name to ‘just get started with’ I would tell you to try and register your name first. if you can’t get your name try maybe your first name, middle name, last name . com :) or maybe just first name, middle name . com

This will become kind of like your online ‘headquarters’ and you can always add other sites on afterwards (by setting them up as an add on domain.)

Step 2.  Get webhosting.

I recommend you get an account with Hostgator

Watch this video I just made for you. It shows the best package to get when you are first starting out online, and how to get your first month of top rated hosting for only a penny.

click this link here to go to hostgator

Step 3.) Set Domain’s nameservers…

After you have your domain name (you did go and get a domain right!) and you have your webhosting account (you did go and get your webhosting right!) well you should have recieved an email from hostgator by now that includes what are called your “nameserver addresses” or “dns addresses” something to that effect.

they will look something like:

So what do you do with this info?

You log into your ‘namecheap’ account and you ‘set your domain’s DNS’

Here let me show you real quick.

Step 4. Create you online headquarters…your blog.

wow. look how much progress you have made in such a short period of time!

now that you have your domain registered, you have your hosting account and you have ‘pointed your domain to your Web Host’s dns servers’ you are ready to start rocking and rolling.

what you’ll wanna do now is log into your website’s ‘control pannel’

usually you can get there by going to

leme show you what i mean:

Step 5.) YOUR DONE! Log into your new blog and make your first post.

So by now you have a domain, you have hosting. your site is live on the web. you know how to get into your cpanel. and you’ve installed your very first wordpress blog.

Now it’s time to log into that badboy and make your first post…

Congrats your first website is up and running!!

Now that you have a site up and running it’s time to start getting traffic and making money…you getting excited yet! if you want to get a headstart I’d recommend you go and join the membership it basically picks up where we left off in this blog post and teaches you how to quickly and easily start making money online.  I’d highly recommend you check it out now.

Click here to check it out

That’s the end of this free blog post. I hope it’s been helpful and I’m going to be putting more and more free info on here in the future.

So help me help you and post your comment and/or questions so I have more fodder to create high quality posts for you!

cya later,

–Corey Lewis

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